Cindy Frazinni

Andy Batt

Adrian Brown

Michael Moore

Jeff Potts

Donna Dennis

Chris Lane

Directed by


Adrian Brown

Melissa Bair

Andy Batt

Greg McGill

Peter Graybeal

Directed by

227 North 3rd Street | Columbus, OH 43215 | 614.221.5418

THE JUNGLE by Chris Lane taught us how cruel women can really be.

THE SECRET LIFE OF MIMES by Eric Myers tells the story of three mimes are trapped in four walls for a slide into absurdist dementia, as they lip sync to a prerecorded audio soundtrack, and the audience watches the show as if reading a comic strip full of thought balloons.  “Beckett meats Blue Man Group meets Bugs Bunny” in the words of one patron, and a brief respite from all the serious socio-political crap.

as Woman

as Man #1

as Man #2

as Man #3

as Pervert

as Fetish Woman

as Man #4

Chris Lane

as Dick

as Jodie

as Simon

as Gas Man

as Policeman

Jared Berry

March 22nd-April 5th, 2002

all shows at 8pm


$8-$15 regular admission

$6 students/seniors

$6 MadLab Members