Chris Lane

Sarah Brunet

Melissa Bair

Andy Batt

Wray Withers

Adrian Brown

Ric Shoemaker

Directed by

227 North 3rd Street | Columbus, OH 43215 | 614.221.5418

A satirical, meta-theatrical remix of A Christmas Carol, in which a blacklisted Marxist director attempts to radically reinterpret Dickens’ holiday classic as a dramatic Communist manifesto.  The fulfillment of a longtime dream to create a holiday show for people who loved the idea of holiday shows, but who hated the manifestation thereof, and a burgeoning Christmas tradition for those whose sentimental attraction to the idea of “the holidays” was in constant battle with their revulsion at the cultural annihilation of everything that could be truly wonderful about that time of year.

as Max/Karlson/Scrooge

as Nikki/Tiny Tim

as Christine/Mrs. Cratchitt

as Thomas/Bob Cratchitt

as Jennifer/Peter Cratchitt

as Adrian/Martha Cratchitt

as Gregory

Greg McGill

Nov. 26th-Dec. 16th, 2004

all shows at 8pm


$8-$15 regular admission

$6 students/seniors

$6 MadLab Members