Jim Graham

Peter Graybeal

Nikki Smith

Chris Lane

Michael Moore

Linda O’Donnell

Betsy Pandora

Jeff Potts

Brian Spangler-Campbell

Directed by Chris Lane & Greg McGill

227 North 3rd Street | Columbus, OH 43215 | 614.221.5418

ARE YOU MY DADDY? revived some old Full Frontal Nudity favorites - “Dick Germs” and “The Brain vs The Penis”.  While “Dick Germs” tackled the issues of our self-imposed importance and how it relates to bathroom etiquette, “BvP” dealt with how the battle of the sexes often just comes down to a battle within oneself.

June 17th-July 10th, 2004

all shows at 8pm


$10 regular admission

$7 students/seniors

$7 MadLab Members